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Classification Unknown Alien
Affiliation US Military

Wraith, originally an acronym for William Randolph's Ace In The Hole, was a super-powered anti-hero originally discovered in the late 1930s. Since that time he's been loyally serving the United States 

His powers and abilities are similar to that of a Kryptonian, though he isn't Kryptonian or Daxamite. His powers are also derived from the sun. ("Superman Unchained")


Wraith came to Earth over seventy years ago when American scientists sent a sort of message for help to space. Wraith came down as the answer along with an equation that needed to be deciphered over the years. The people who worked to call him form the Machine, a secret branch of the US Military, with a great deal of autonomy, secrecy and who used technology devised from the formula that came with Wraith. Wraith worked for them over the years as a soldier wiping out whoever the Machine determined a target. One example was when he destroyed Nagaski Japan during World War 2 under the deception of a nuclear bomb.

When Superman first came to Earth Wraith and his first handler were aware of his presence, they believed he would be 'another soldier, another hero' . When he first began his career Wraith followed him and learned his secret identity and for the first time disobeyed his orders and did not reveal Clark's identity to his superiors. After the arrival of super woman. Him and super woman met have fell inlove they had a child named Wrago but superman does not know of this child as the child left Earth with Wriath. Pending


In many ways Wraith is similar to Superman in that he follows a strict code and seeks to help people. However, where as Superman abhors killing Wraith has on many occasions taken lives in the name of duty and seems to have no problem with it. He is a patriot, putting America's interests and American lives over that of anyone else's where as Superman tries to help everyone at all times. Wraith seems to feel a sense of similarity to Superman, due to their similar origins and nature, this has caused him to not reveal Superman's secret identity to his superiors and trying very hard to convince him to join the military. However in the face of duty he showed that he would not hesitate to kill Superman and warned him several times of this.

Wraith has also shown to be vengeful, as when he was actually defeated by Superman he swore he would kill him and had to be called of by his superiors. This may be because of his ego, because before Superman figured out his weakness, he was the strongest and most powerful being on Earth.

At the end, despite his hatred for Superman, Wraith chose saving his country, and by extension the Earth, over his vendetta

Powers & Abilities

Wraith is more powerful than Superman, he takes in almost 160 giga-watts of power from the sun at any given minute, while Superman takes in only 140. Also his body has been storing sunlight for a much longer period than Superman's has.

He is also more experienced with his powers, demonstrating abilities Superman has not, however Wraith believed Superman would be able to do them in time, if not immediately.

His confirmed abilities are...

  • Solar Battery: Like Superman, he also draws power from the sun. As evident from his appearance, when he first arrived on Earth he was rather skinny instead of the large muscular figure he is in present time. He also lacked his the red bolts of energy that he radiated which could be a symptom of the large amount of energy he has stored.
  • Super Strength: Wraith's strength is superior to Superman's. He stopped Superman's punch without any effort and kicked him across the state of Utah.
  • Invulnerability: He survived the heat and collision with a falling satellite and could withstand Superman's punches.
  • Super Speed: He was able to move faster than Superman and catch his punch.
  • Flight: He is at least as fast as Superman, he is implied to be faster.
  • Super Sight: Wraith, like Superman, can see across the EM spectrum, X-Ray Vision and Infra-red have been confirmed. He could also see Superman buried deep below a mountain range.
  • Super Hearing: When fighting Superman, he could hear the sound of his bones cracking even underneath the sound of mountains collapsing.
  • Energy Projection: Unlike Superman who can only project energy from his eyes, Wraith can project energy from his entire body. His most powerful demonstration of this ability was when he destroyed Nagasaki at the end of World War 2, an event covered up with the story of it being a nuclear explosive dropped on the city. He has also shown to be able to focus his energy as beams from his eyes.
  • Energy Manipulation: Wraith can use his stored energy to manipulate the EM fields around him, allowing him to destabilize objects, like Gambit from the X-Men, around him or simulate other forms of radiation like Kryptonite. Wraith explained this as using his body's 'charge' to absorb and redirect the EM waves around him, and that it was the premise behind his and Superman's powers beyond strength, speed and invulnerability
  • Super Breath: It has been shown that he has a superhuman lung capacity, similar to Superman's.
    • Sonic Blast: Using his lung power and control over his voice box he could generate a sonic blast to counteract the shields of some military drones.
  • Shielding: Wraith has been shown generating some form of shielding from detection in the form of an organic hood and spikes on his back and shoulder, these apparently hide him from conventional means of detection. He has said that he had also helped Superman in the past implying that he could hide from him when Superman wasn't aware of his existence.
  • Longevity: Wraith is over seventy-five years old and still appears to be in his physical prime.


Like Superman's weakness to Kryptonite, Wraith's physiology is weak to a particular unnamed mineral. So far only a synthesized form has been seen from Superman's suit, but its gives of a yellow glow. The mineral allowed the much weaker Superman to effortlessly defeat Wraith in combat.

It is unknown how he would fare against magic, but it he presumably has the same weakness as all mortal beings.

In places with strong EM fields such as deep in the Earth's Core, Wraith is unable to use his fancier powers due to interference. He is limited to strength, speed and invulnerability.

Another weakness of Wraiths is that despite his greater experience, he is not as skilled as Superman in fighting, due to always killing of his enemies using his powers. When both Superman and Wraith were limited to speed, strength and invulnerability, despite being weaker than Wraith, Superman had little trouble defeating him.