Debut Legends of the Dead Earth
Created by Tom Peyer
AKA "Superman"
Classification Curatti
Abilities jet-pack, vision goggles

Willigig was a Curatti slave, who came to mistakenly believe that he was the son of Jor-El and that he was the last son of Krypton. As such, Willigig was inspired to take on the mantle of Superman.



Willigig lived his life as a slave to an alien race, who indoctrinated him and all Curatti with the belief that they were inferior and meant to be slaves.

However, during his labors one day, he discovered an ancient Kryptonian probe left behind by Jor-El for his son, Kal-El. The message fooled Willigig into thinking he was Jor-El's son.

Willigig fashioned a Superman costume for himself, and used equipment to allow him to become a superhero.

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