Daily News Magazine 1987 We the People 00

"We the People" is a 6-page Superman story appearing in the September 13, 1987 issue of Daily News Magazine. It was written by Joey Cavalieri with art by George Perez.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane attend a school pageant about the founding of the US Constitution. As the play ends, time shifts from Clark's perspective and he suddenly finds himself in a world where America's President has absolute power.

Citing his super memory allowing for immunity from the effects, Superman deduces that Lex Luthor traveled back in time and influenced the forging of the country's founding documents. Taking three kids along with him, he travels back to 1787 to stop him.

After assessing the situation, Superman borrows period clothing from a scarecrow and infiltrates Independence Hall to find that Lex Luthor is posing as Benjamin Franklin. Meanwhile, the kids locate the real Franklin and nurse him back to health. Using his super speed so that no one will notice, Superman swaps out Franklin's doppelganger for the real deal, and history begins to correct itself.