was a malicious court jester from the 5th Dimension. He was the nemesis of Mxyzptlk and an enemy of Superman. In the three-dimensional worlds he attacks, he is responsible for the appearance of a destructive force known as the Multitude, which appears as a swarm of angels.


5th Dimensional Perspective

Vyndktvx was a court jester in the 5th dimensional land of Zrfff, where he tried and failed to entertain the king with the hopes of winning his daughter, Princess Nyxlygsptlnz. When Mxyztplk appeared he amused both the king and princess with his multitude of tricks. His best trick was to prank and fool the superheroes of various three-dimensional worlds, which was highly entertaining to the King, since the 'tricks' tricked back.

Vyndktvx went mad with jealousy, and broke into a weapons locker. There, he stole a cloak of hiding and a spear-of-infinite-heads. With the spear, he attacked Mxyztplk but missed and instead hit all the worlds he had been pranking and planned to prank, including the Earth. His five dimensional weapon appeared as the Multitude, a swarm of angels. It was this force that caused Coluan that became known as Brainiac to begin his quest to collect worlds in hopes of saving them from the multitude..

Mxyztplk and the princess ran and hid themselves in the third dimension taking on human identities. Vyndktvx chased after them, suspecting them to be close to Superman, one of the few tricks that survived, Vyndktvx began a long scheme of trying to draw them out by attacking Superman across the fourth dimension, gathering the Superman Revenge Squad and trying to destroy him.

All of the worlds he attacked were destroyed, except for two which resisted, including Earth. ("Superman and the Men of Steel", "At the End of Days")

3rd Dimensional Perspective

Vyndktvx first appeared during Clark Kent's time in Smallville, appearing to be a motorist in need of help. The Kents helped him, and as a result they died shortly thereafter. Jonathan, on his death bed, reported seeing Martha carried away by angels. ("At the End of Days")

He appeared again as the bartender working for Morgan Edge during The Collector of Worlds' capture of Metropolis. ("Superman and the Men of Steel")