Virgil Swann
Virgil Swann
Debut Smallville, episode 2x17 (2003)
Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar
Portrayed by Christopher Reeve
Classification Human
Affiliation Swann Communications, New York Planetarium
Relatives Patricia Swann (daughter)

Dr. Virgil Swann was a brilliant and wealthy scientist dedicated to communicating with other planets, and a founding member of the Veritas Society.

By 1977, Dr. Swann was considered a top astronomer and pioneer in the field of satellite communication, but around the time of the first meteor shower that struck Smallville, he donated his millions and became a recluse, devoting his life to studying life on other planets. Specifically, his largest body of study was the planet Krypton.

A Manhattan-based astronomer, Dr. Swann dedicated a good portion of his life to studying the skies and searching for life beyond Earth. In 1978, he was chosen as Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1977.

A pioneer in the field of global communications, Dr. Swann used his SWANNSTAR satellites to explore extraterrestrial communication. He donated a major portion of his company's profits toward the U.S. space program, and in return was given unprecedented access to extraterrestrial findings.