Ultra Humanite2
Debut Action Comics #1 (April 1938)
Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Human brain in a Gorilla's Body
Abilities Genius Intellect, Gorilla Body
For other uses, see Superman (disambiguation)
Ultra Humanite1

The Ultra-Humanite, in his original Human body.

The Ultra-Humanite is a supervillain who occasionally battles Superman and other superheroes. He was originally a mad scientist, who was able to transfer his brain into a variety of different bodies.

He has recently become an enemy of Power Girl, holding the entire island of Manhattan hostage, in ransom for her body.

Golden Age

The Ultra-Humanite began as a bald mad scientist, rather similar superficially to Lex Luthor.

Modern Age

The Ultra-Humanite is a body-shifting villain who prefers apeish bodies, having tried many different types of human bodies.


On Earth-Tangent, there was a very different version of the Ultra-Humanite. This was a superpowerful menace, created by a U.S. Government super-soldier project. He became too powerful to be controlled, and threatened to destroy the Earth. However, Superman confronted him in space and was able to defeat him, immediately prior to the start of Superman's Reign. (Tangent: Superman's Reign)

In Other Media

Justice league

he was part of the In justice gang in Jlu