Worlds Greatest Heroine

The World's Greatest Heroine! was a Superman/Supergirl comic book story, appearing in Action Comics #285. It was a milestone in Supergirl's history, as it is the story in which Supergirl's presence on Earth is revealed to the world, after Supergirl operating in secret as Superman's "secret weapon" since her arrival on Earth.


Supergirl on Tour

Superman and Supergirl tour the world.

Superman announces to Supergirl that he believes it's time to reveal her presence to the world. However, he instructs her not to reveal her existence until an agreed time. In the meantime, however, her adoptive parents, the Danvers, fall from a bridge and Linda is forced to rescue them, even though it means disobeying Superman's order and revealing her existence. But Superman appears and isn't angry. Instead, he tells Supergirl to reveal her secret identity. She does, relating the story of her origin on Argo City.

The two Kryptonians then go to the Fortress of Solitude, and broadcast a special transmission to the world, announcing Supergirl's existence. Many different people across the world have different reactions, but largely one of acceptance and welcome of their new hero. The two then tour the world, where they are met with celebrations. She meets with President John F. Kennedy, and then with the United Nations, where all of the representatives give her a standing ovation. Even the bottle city of Kandor is celebrating, with many of their women dressed in Supergirl costumes for the occasion.

They visit the planet Mringa, where the native Flame People are dancing in celebration. In Atlantis, Lori Lemaris has constructed a Super-Mermaid Exhibit in her honor.

Supergirl, overwhelmed with all the honor, is then left to defend Earth while Superman goes on a mission into the 50th Century.