War Between Supergirl

The War Between Supergirl and the Superman Emergency Squad! is a Superman story appearing in Action Comics #276.


Clark Kent grants the dying wish of John Kiley, who requests that he reveal himself as Superman. Clark agrees and demonstrates his superpowers to the dying old man.

Kiley turns out to be the leader of the Anti-Superman Gang, who has faked his own death to force Superman to reveal himself. They then trick Kent into a Kryptonite trap.

Clark tries to summon his Superman Robots, but those had been sabotaged. So, he contacts the Superman Emergency Squad and asks for help. They, in turn, contact Supergirl, who gets green paint mixed with lead. She sprays it on the Kryptonite, rescues Clark, and then she, with the Emergency Squad, organize an elaborate performance to make it seem like a drug has caused them hallucinations. Kiley is then convinced that Clark is not really Superman.