The Secret of the Space Souvenirs

The Secret of the Space Souvenirs is a comic book story which appeared in Superman (Vol. 1) #122. It was also later reprinted in Showcase Presents: Superman, Vol. 1.


Superman finds himself compelled to gather souvenirs from outer space and bring them to a time capsule being set up outside of the Metropolis Museum. Unable to figure out what force is posessing him, Superman is powerless. Lois Lane figures out the mystery first, though. Each trophy he brings back is from a planet whose first letter forms a letter in Superman's name. Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Earth, Rhea, Ariel, Neptune.

Once his task is completed, it's telepathically revealed to Superman that the people of the 50th Century are responsible, as they wanted souvenirs of Superman's adventures for their time. They sent the mental commands back through time, powered by Kryptonite radiation.

Unaware of his compulsion, Clark's coworkers at the Daily Planet think that Superman collected the trophies out of conceitedness. Clark is unable to defend Superman's reputation.

Items gathered by Superman

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