The Science of Superman (book)
Written by Mark Wolverton
Illustrated by Georg Brewer (hardcover design)
Alex Ross (paperback cover)
Published 2002
Length 256 pages
ISBN 978-0743452731
For other uses, see The Science of Superman

Paperback edition.

The Science of Superman is the title of a book which analyzes the science behind Superman's powers.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One — Krypton: Elegy for a Lost World
  • Chapter Two — A Kryptonian on Earth: Life as a Refugee
  • Chapter Three — Invulnerability: A Man of Steel
  • Chapter Four — Flight: No Wings, No Strings
  • Chapter Five — Superstrength: More Powerful Than...
  • Chapter Six — Superspeed: No Limits?
  • Chapter Seven — Superhearing: Soft as a Whisper
  • Chapter Eight — Supervision: All-Seeing Things
  • Chapter Nine — Kryptonite: The Achilles' Heel
  • Chapter Ten — The Science of Krypton: Jor-El's Legacy

Official DescriptionEdit

YOU WILL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY! He is known as the Man of Steel — the Last Son of Krypton. For more than half a century, Superman has been an American icon and the world's first and most recognizable super hero. From his beginnings as the featured character in his own ten-cent comic book, through multiple incarnations on radio, newspaper syndication, television, and the movies, Superman has emerged as the flagship hero of a publishing empire. In fact, the Man of Steel has become so ubiquitous, it's as if he were real.

But what if he were real? What if the Kryptonian named Kal-El, a humanoid being whose world orbited a far-off red dwarf star, was actually raised here on Earth? Would, in fact, such a being be capable of achieving the amazing feats of power commonly associated with Superman? And if so, how could his powers be scientifically explained?

In The Science of Superman, gifted science writer Mark Wolverton takes up the challenge and answers these very questions. Examining Superman's powers through the lens of modern science, Wolverton explains the fundamental biological and genetic differences between Earthlings and Kryptonians that allow Superman to exercise extraordinary abilities on our planet. For the first time anywhere, you'll understand the logic and science that underlie Superman's "super powers." You'll never look at the Man of Steel the same way again.

About the AuthorEdit

MARK WOLVERTON has put aside a budding career in live theater, scriptwriting, and authoring science-fiction stories to concentrate on his other first love, writing about science. For the past three years, he has been a regular contributor to periodicals such as American History ("Oppenheimer Under Suspicion"); StarDate ("30 ... And Counting: Pioneer 10"); American Heritage Invention and Technology Quarterly ("The Airplane That Flew into Space," "The Spacecraft That Will Not Die"); The Skeptical Inquirer; Quest: History of Spaceflight Quarterly ("Pathfinding the Rings"); and dozens of historical and investigative stories on NASA. A member of the National Association of Science Writers, Wolverton lives in Philadelphia.