Origin of Superman

The Origin of Superman is a 1973 Superman story, appearing in Action Comics #500. It retold Superman's origin, incorporating some of the mythology that had been added since the last telling.


Jor-El, a scientist on the planet Krypton, has discovered that the planet will explode in a short time. He tries to persuade the Kryptonian Council to evacuate the population, but they ridicule him. In desperation, he sends his infant son away from the planet just as it explodes in a model rocket ship. The ship lands in Smallville, where the baby is adopted by the Kents. He soon begins to display superhuman powers.

Changes to the Origin Story

This version of Superman's origin is mostly faithful to the previous versions, while incorporating elements of newer stories, such as the Superboy comic book series. However, this story did ret-con some details.

  • Kal-El's rocket ship is not destroyed, but rather the Kents hide it after finding it.