Great Supergirl Mirage

The Great Supergirl Mirage is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #256.


A boy named Dick Wilson, also living at Midvale Orphanage, catches a photo of Supergirl flying high in the sky. Not long after that, he finds evidence that Linda Lee may herself be Supergirl. Kara is soon forced to fool him into believing that there's no such person as Supergirl. She accomplishes this using one of Superman's robots, designed to look like her.



  • Dick Wilson is likened to Lana Lang by Supergirl, who mentions that Superman told her of Lana's quest to discover his secret identity as a boy. Lois Lane also shares a similar suspicion in Superman's adult years, though no comparison is made with her.
It's likely the writers were attempting to create a supporting cast for Supergirl, giving her a male equivalent of Lana Lang.

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