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Doomsday Wars

An epic struggle between Superman and Doomsday on the cover.

The Doomsday Wars is a comic book miniseries which features Brainiac's attempt to take over Doomsday's body. It also features a subplot in which Superman must save Lana Lang's premature baby, Clark Lang.


Stories featuring Doomsday (Edit this template)
Comic Books The Death of Superman (First Appearance) • Superman ⁄ Doomsday: Hunter ⁄ PreyDoomsday: Year OneThe Doomsday WarsSuperman: Our Worlds at WarDoomsday RexApokolips Now!In the Name of GogInfinite CrisisSuperman: New KryptonAll-Star SupermanReign of DoomsdayReign of the DoomsdaysDoomed
TV and Movies Superman: The Animated SeriesSuperman LivesSuperman: DoomsdaySmallville, season 8Superman ⁄ Batman: Apocalypse

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