Death of Luthor

The Death of Luthor! was a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #286. The story features Supergirl's first real battle with Lex Luthor, following the revelation of her existence to the world in "The World's Greatest Heroine!".


The Danvers family has Dick Malverine, Linda's boyfriend over the house to watch TV, and they see on the news that Superman is out in space on a mission with his robots. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor executes a genius plan to escape from prison. Once out, he sets out to prove that this new Supergirl will be easily defeated since she's only a girl and he understands psychology. He tries to use her femininity against her, luring her to save a baby in a runaway baby carriage. The baby, however, turns out to be a midget working for Luthor. He throws Supergirl some Kryptonite and escapes with Luthor.

Supergirl escapes the Kryptonite trap and pursues Luthor again. Luthor tries to blast her with a Nuclear Kryptonite Ray-Gun, but the gun misfires, killing him. Supergirl realizes Luthor has not finished his life sentence, and so tries to bring him back to life. She gathers up two rare elements -- Isotope Element Z and a strange flower from a planet in a distant galaxy. She binds the two into a substance which forms a cocoon around Luthor. He comes back to life, now hating her even more than Superman for making a fool of him.