Superman Family 195-1-01

The Curse of the Un-Secret Identity is a Superboy story appearing in The Superman Family #195.


Clark is forced to reveal his secret identity to Lana Lang to save her life. While she promises to keep Clark's secret, he's still concerned.

Soon after, the observatory sees a flying saucer in space. Clark checks with his Telescopic Vision, and sees the ship's been hit by a meteoroid. He goes to provide assistance and meets the Xyth, the race of super-sorcerers from a distant star system. As thanks, they agree to grant Superboy one wish.

He wishes for his parents to become invulnerable to harm, so he can reveal his true identity to the world. They grant the wish, but soon after, he causes trouble for himself with all the attention.

It turns out that he's still on the ship, and revealing his identity was just an illusion the Xyth projected to show him the error of his first wish. He changes his mind and instead wishes for Lana's memory of his identity to be erased.


  • Lana finding out about Clark's powers is similar to the way Chloe Sullivan finds out in the TV series Smallville, in which she witnesses him catching a car.