Superboy 1 new 52

The cover.

The Clone is a Superboy story appearing in Superboy volume 5, #1. It tells Superboy's new origin story, following the changes that took place in the New 52.


A clone is developed at a laboratory called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. who is called Superboy. His consciousness is not actually located in his brain, but is rather spread throughout his body. As such, tests show that he has no brain activity. When they deem him a failure and prepare to terminate him, he breaks free of his pod, demonstrating he's not braindead.

After demonstrating his powers by levitating the scientists, he's subdued and placed in a virtual reality world resembling a small rural town. He's finally released when it is decided to use him to bring in some super-powered teens, including Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Red Robin.