Battle Bizarro
The Bride of Bizarro

The Battle with Bizarro is a 1959 Superman comic story appearing in Action Comics #254; part 2, known as The Bride of Bizarro, appeared in Action Comics #255.


Part I - The Battle with Bizarro!Edit

Luthor digs up plans for Professor Dalton's failed duplicator ray, which first accidentally created Bizarro years ago in Smallville, and rebuilds the machine. He then uses it to re-create Bizarro by duplicating Superman again. His plan works, and Bizarro even remembers his previous struggle with Superboy.

Part II - The Bride of Bizarro!Edit

Continuing from "The Battle with Bizarro", Bizarro's plan to create a New Bizarro has succeeded, resulting in a Bizarro that resembles Superman. He has also fooled Lois into marrying this imposter. When Lois realizes the truth, she rejects New Bizarro, saying she likes the old one better. New Bizarro then turns on Bizarro, who frees Superman to help him defeat New Bizarro. They do so with Kryptonite, which affects New Bizarro but not Bizarro.

After New Bizarro is defeated, Lois Lane is duplicated by the Duplicator Ray, creating Bizarro Lois Lane. She falls in love with Bizarro, and the two leave Earth for space, where they'll be happy.



  • This story marks Bizarro's return, and introduction as a recurring Superman villain. He previously appeared in an issue of Superboy.
  • The titles of both parts of this story was re-used as a two-part episode of the Superboy TV series: "The Battle with Bizarro" and "The Bride of Bizarro".
  • The creation of more Bizarros after Bizarro sets up for the eventual creation of Htrae, the Bizarro World.
  • Bizarro Lois would continue to reappear, as a resident of Bizarro World, even in modern age comics.