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As a teen sidekick, Garth was known by the name Aqualad. As an adult superhero, Garth goes by the superhero name Tempest.

Powers and Abilities :


Tempest possesses superhuman strength, allowing him to lift about 8 tons on dry land. He can survive at depths of up to 3,400 feet below surface level. His body contains fluids that adjust to give him buoyancy at varying depths. His body also produces gases that push out against the ocean pressures as heavily as they push in, preventing him from being crushed at great depths. His body is also highly impervious to physical injury. His bloodstream is filled with an amino acid that keeps his body from freezing in the ocean depths, although his own temperature is naturally quite high, allowing his muscles the heat they need to swim at such high speeds. Tempest can swim at speeds of 73.86 knots (or 85 MPH or even 136.79 km/h). Tempest has excellent close range vision and he can see particularly well in low light. He is partially color blind, almost unable to distinguish between black, green, and blue. His sense of hearing is particularly acute, although, because the rate sound travels on dry land is different than beneath the water, his hearing is directly linked to his vision. He also has a powerful sense of smell. Tempest breathes by extracting oxygen from the water through tiny pores in his skin.

Tempest also has magical abilities; he can project powerful purple energy blasts from his eyes; he can manipulate water currents (e.g., he can create whirlpools) and can boil or freeze vast bodies of water. His powers also include sensing magical energies, postcognition, telepathy, dimensional travel, limited telekinesis, demonic summoning, and astral projection. Tempest's powers are so great that he was once able to teleport the entirety of Atlantis into the past during the Imperiex War; further, the villainous Darkseid used him as a conduit to help open a Boom Tube powerful enough to send Imperiex back to the beginning of time. Whether he still possesses any telepathic abilities is dabatable.

Notes: Garth is the only founding Titan whose original codename hasn't been used by a new hero. See One Year Later (above) for the controversy regarding his current power level.

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