Tactile Telekinesis new 52

Tactile Telekinesis, or T.K., is a superpower in a few Kryptonians, especially in Superboy. He is able to telekinetically manipulate any object he touches.

Modern Age

In Superboy's early life, his Kryptonian powers hadn't yet asserted themselves, but he was able to simulate many of them with his T.K. He was able to fly, lift heavy objects, and protect himself from most harm. ("The Return of Superman")

Even after he developed his Kryptonian powers, his Tactile Telekinesis remained an important power and grew in strength. He finally used it to tear apart an entire extradimensional tower, before his death. ("Infinite Crisis")

Chris Kent also had Tactile Telekinesis as a result of merging with the Nightwing diety. ("Superman: New Krypton")

New 52

Superboy once again has Tactile Telekinesis.