Susie Thompkins New 52

Susie Thompkins was a little girl who would prove to be quite a problem for Superman. She was the niece of Lois Lane and (in some Continuities) the daughter of Lucy Lane.


Susie was the niece of Lois Lane, and played a number of tricks which Superman had difficulty dealing with.

New 52Edit

Susie was Lois Lane's niece. Lois brought the girl some hamsters to take care of, which Superman had rescued from a killer. But Lois began to notice some strange things during her visit. For example, the little girl had made a series of geometrically perfect drawings, and seemed empathically aware of the hamsters' mental state. Later, when Lois took her to a movie, Adam appeared and informed her that she was a member of a post-human race called Neo-Sapiens or Nutants, and he took her away, easily subduing Superman with a telepathic attack when he tried to intervene. ("Superman's New Secret Identity")