Superman of the 30th Century
Superman 2966
Debut "The Future Superman of 2965"
AKA Klar Ken T-5477
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Superman Legacy, Federation of Planets
Relatives Superman Dynasty
Abilities Standard Kryptonian

Superman of the 30th Century refers to the bearer of the mantle of Superman, during the 30th Century. This Superman is a descendant of the original Superman. His real name is Klar Ken T-5477, a reporter for the Daily Interplanetary News, which began life as the Daily Planet. The news organization is still located in Metropolis. This Superman is immune to Kryptonite, but instead is vulnerable to ocean water, due to radioactive fallout that settled into all the oceans of various planets after a nuclear war.

His archnemesis is named Muto, a yellow-skinned mutant human with powerful telekinetic powers.

Superman 2999

The post-crisis storyline Superman 2999 retells the 30th Century Superman's story, although slight changes have been made. For example, he is now known as Klar Ken 5477, minus the T.