Many films have been made in other countries which feature, or include, Superman or other characters or concepts from the Superman mythos. This often occurs because U.S. copyright laws do not extend to some countries.


Kilink Films

Kilink vs Superman

The first two films of the Kilink film series feature Superman. In the films, an evil skeletal criminal called Kilink is created by a scientist, who is then killed by Kilink. The scientist's son, wanting revenge, meets a wizard who offers him superpowers, so that he might get revenge. The powers he gets include: The strength of Hercules, the speed of Mercury, et cetra. He transforms into Superman by saying a magic word: "Shajam!" (This is likely taken from Captain Marvel and his magic transformation word, "Shazam!")

Throughout the film, Superman is referred to repeatedly as The Flying Man, and has a markedly different costume from the Superman we know. he wears a mask, has striped "underwear" rather than solid red, and, if the film cover is to be believed, his costume is primarily red.

The Kilink films were Turkish films.

Supermen Returns

Supermen Returns

Supermen Returns, which predates the American film of a similar title by decades, featured music from Superman: The Movie, nearly no budget, and an alternate version of Superman's origin. In fact, this version seems to bear some similarity to the version portrayed in the Kilink films.

Superman in this film is known by the secret identity of Tayfun. Entering a cave, he meets his father, named Superman, last of the Supermen. He says he is from the dead planet Krypton, and identifies Tayfun as Superman. He goes on to say that he'll have the Strength of Hercules, the speed off Mercury, etc., as in the Kilink films.

Demir Yumruk: Devler Geliyor

Devler Geliyor

This Turkish film features a sort of Super-Batman.

From []:

Super- obscure 1973 Turkish superhero giant, with a… Super-Bat-Man so to speak! Also featuring a wheelchaired transvestite super- villain called Fumanchu, Bikini leathal babes, hook-for-hand gangsters plus more! The master was found in very good condition for a Turkish film!


A Man Who Was Superman

A Man Who Was Superman

This Korean-made film follows a man who claims to be the Superman known from the comic books. At first he's dismissed as being crazy, but could there be some truth to his claim?