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Reign of the Superman Story.jpg
Real name: William Dunn
Aliases: Superman





Gender - Male
Hair - Bald

Portrayed by:



Reign of the Superman
Reign of the Superman

Drawing of the Superman from the story, having donned a Superman costume after becoming emperor of the world (Which didn't actually ocurr in the story, although it was Superman's aim.)

The Superman, also known by his real name, William Dunn, was the earliest-known person to carry the mantle of Superman.

He originated as a poor man who had to wait on a bread-line each day for food. He was approached by a man named Professor Smalley, who offered him a hot meal. Upon following the strange professor, our poor man became a lab rat and was subjugated to a strange meteor rock, which-- it was later revealed-- gave him superpowers.

His superpowers-- which, unlike the modern Superman's powers, are mainly mental in nature: Telepathy and the ability to control human minds, and telescopic vision-- quickly corrupted the poor man, and he became an evil supervillain, quickly dubbing himself The Superman.

After experimenting with his powers, he decided to take over the world; He began sowing discord between nations to prepare for this. Professor Smalley, however, wanted the powers for himself, and the two had a final battle, of which Dunn was the victor. Unfortunately, Dunn's powers wore off soon after.


Although Dunn's reign as Superman was short-lived, he is remembered as being the first to use the name Superman. The name was later adopted by The Superman, and finally by Kal-El.

Behind the Scenes

The Superman was the first version of Superman ever to appear in print. His story was told in Jerry Siegel's sci-fi short story, 'Reign of the Superman'.

This early version of Superman was depicted almost entirely different than the modern version. First and foremost, he was a villain.

And secondly, his powers were mainly mental in nature.

Powers and Abilities

Superman possess Telepathy, and the ability to control human minds. as well as telescopic vision.

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