Superman (Tangent)
Debut Tangent: Superman's Reign
AKA Harvey Dent
Classification Human
Affiliation World Dictator
Abilities Flight, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, technopathy, cosmic senses, can create forcefields, energy manipulation, illusion creation, reactive evolution, capable of effecting other dimensions and universes, reality warping, capable of destroying undead instantly, super intelligence, capable of manipulating and deactivating the powers of other beings, etc.

The Superman of Earth-Tangent is the name of an alternate version of Superman from the multiverse. He was originally a human man named Harvey Dent, who gained superpowers through a freak accident.

He rose to the top of the superhero community by defeating the Ultra-Humanite.

After the death of his wife, he became dark and vengeful, taking over the world. While he protected the world from crime, he was still tyrannical, not allowing any freedom of thought.


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