Superman (Hernan Guerra)
Superman (Hernan Guerra)
Debut Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Created by Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett
Portrayed by Benjamin Bratt
AKA Hernan Guerra, Lor-Zod
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Justice League
Relatives General Zod (biological father, deceased), Lara (biological mother, deceased), Manuel Guerra (adoptive father, deceased), Rosa Guerra (adoptive mother) Valentina Guerra (adopted sister),
Abilities Kryptonian Powers
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Hernan Guerra, the genetically-engineered son of General Zod and Lara Lor-Van, who was rocketed to Earth as a child from the doomed planet Krypton following Jor-El's murder by Zod. Upon his arrival on Earth, Hernan is raised by a family of honorable and hardworking Mexican migrant farmers. Having gone through the troubles that undocumented immigrants face in the United States, he has become short-tempered and withdrawn from humanity with a deep contempt and resentment for authority.



On the planet Krypton; General Zod caused the destruction of planet by drilling the planet for its core in order to have the energy needed for his war machine and stopped Jor-El from implanting his genetic code onto the egg created by Lara. Knowing the planet is about to blow up, Zod touched it to implant his genetic code. The pod escaped the planet and crashed on the planet Earth near the US Mexico border. A young Mexican couple Manuel and Rosa Guerra who where trying to cross the border for a better life in America. They found the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix and took the child with them just before the government forces arrived. The couple hide and were able to escape and they raised the child as their own naming him "Hernan Guerra".

Becoming Superman

Hernan grew up in the the US on along with his sister Valentina Guerra. He would have strange dreams which he would share with his sister but when he turned eight he began sneaking out at night to stair at the stars. He also started flying and on one night he was caught by his mother who insisted he keep his powers secret. He and his family worked long hours for minimum wages for a local farmer. The farmer would crop dust the field while the migrant workers were working, Hernan used his super-breath to blow away the chemicals, which he was told off for by his father later that. It was the next day Hernan completed the harvest on his own in one night. On one fateful day he was playing with his sister and teased her to climb a tree and he would then take her flying. She did but he caused her to fall as joke she broke her back. Now wheelchair bound he was racked with guilt which he would carry for the rest of his life. From that day he stopped using his powers. A plane began falling out of the sky and his parents begged him to save the people but he refused and it crashed. He was later attacked by a group of town drunks who he accidentally zapped with his heat vision. The local sheriff and a posse arrived threatened his family, he took them out with ease but before he could kill them his sisters begging caused him to stop. It was from their he left his family to explore the world. He traveled the globe experience everything there was to offer the goof the bad and everything in between. It was in Mexico he thought he would find peace, but he was wrong a drug lord Juan Carlos Furentes sent his men to attack a school to kidnap the daughter of one of his enemies. Hernan decided to rescue them and attacked them compound with ease killing many of his men and rescued the girls and He returned home to meet his father who revealed his mother had died from cancer. He found his sister happily married with a child still hopeful for her brother. It was Velanetina who told him his purpose was to save the world. He traveled to Juan Carlos Furentes mansion and introduced himself as "Superman" and told him he was there to change the would executing him with his heat vision.


Hernan moved to Metropolis and its debut before the world took place in the Central Station of this city. A group of assassins initiated an armed massacre and murdered countless people, but before the victims increased Hernan intervened and murdered the criminals by displaying their wide range of superhuman abilities. Obviously this attracted the attention of the media around the world and Hernan used this incident to appear before the entire planet as Superman. Not everyone was grateful for his intervention, however, including journalist Lois Lane, who saw Superman as an arrogant lunatic pretending to be a hero. Similarly, the US government headed by President Amanda Waller saw Superman as a potential threat to her country and devised ways to find their weaknesses. On the other hand, scientist Lex Luthor was also concerned about Superman's intentions, since his actions showed a God deciding what he thought fit for humanity, whether they liked it or not.

Superman continued his mission to change the world and in his journey found Kirk Langstrom, a brilliant scientist from Gotham City who had become a vampire. Although they did not get along at first, Hernan and Kirk made a good friendship by sharing certain similarities in their lives. He also encountered a renegade New Genesis named Bekka, who was the daughter of the Highfather, ruler of that world. Superman and Bekka met in Greece and had a brief romance based solely on physical attraction.

Forever People

Later at the Eternity institute set up in the mountains of Switzerland, Jackson Alpert, one of the planet's most brilliant minds, taught the world its greatest achievement, the Forever People, humans who were termed the next step in human evolution. This scientific advance greatly troubled Hernan since he would no longer be the only powerful being on earth.

As a result, Hernan decided to go to Gotham City to visit his old friend Kirk Langstrom. In introducing his concern about Forever People, Kirk immediately realized that Herman was somewhat intimidated by this group of "New Gods" since this was the first time there were individuals at his level. Although Kirk knew that the humans created by Alpert were not the same as his friend since he was raised by poor and humble people, just the kind of people who would disappear if the Alpert project was developed further. Having more doubts than certainties, both comrades left for different directions trying to find more answers regarding Forever People. To find out more about Alpert and Forever People, Superman traveled to the Eternity Institute in Switzerland, where he was surprised to meet Bekka with the modified people. The friction between them inevitably unleashes a fight, but this ends with great speed after Superman breaks a wrist to Wonder Woman.

Before this dispute Alpert manifests itself through a holographic Golem to welcome Superman given that he was waiting for him. Once inside the complex Alpert initiates to a celebration to pay honor to its guests, since Wonder Woman takes few days between them looking for to know more about those New Gods. Although initially, Hernan does not sympathize with members of Forever People, Alpert, explains that his experiments sought to improve equality. Then Alpert takes them to the laboratories where he teaches them firsthand the process designed to turn people into Forever People. Surprisingly Alpert offers them the opportunity to improve them beyond the limits to make them the leaders of their army. By staying alone, Superman and Wonder Woman discuss the proposal and debate about the true intentions of the scientist.The next day Superman decides to undergo the Alpert breeding process. While Wonder Woman rejects it and chooses to witness the transformation next to the scientist. Eventually Hernan begins to convulse of pain inside a tank so Bekka tries to free him. Unfortunately, in Alpert's words, it was too late to save him. Because of Superman's cries of pain inside the transformation tank, Bekka decides to force him out. Once he consents, Hernan is angry with her for having interrupted the project that in a way turned into intoxicating. After resting, he and Wonder Woman meet with Batman who was investigating the Eternity institute. Kirk reveals that the real Jackson Alpert died 45 years ago and that the man who usurped his identity was a former CIA scientist nicknamed Dr. Psycho. When discovered, Alpert launches his deformed creations against the heroes to stop them. After a tough fight Superman and his two companions are defeated. The scientist captures them in several containers and extracts genetic material from their bodies to enhance their Formula Forever. With this new compound Alpert manages to rejuvenate quickly and become the most advanced being on the planet. Alpert initiates the protocol to continue its improvement; But unexpectedly a woman named Fastback reappears behind and kills him to get revenge for what happened between them. Instantly she frees the heroes to stop the Forever People before it was too late for the world.

Justice League

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman moved quickly to Mumbai where they managed to beat Forever People after a bloody and fierce confrontation, thanks to which Kirk managed to create an antidote to the Formula Forever. After returning to Eternity institute they are met by Lex Luthor and another group of scientists, who expel them of the place when representing a threat equal or greater than the Forever People.

Upon returning to the United States, the group begins to discuss the possible whereabouts of Dr. Psycho's body, but unfortunately his questions are answered when Psycho reappears as an immense creature called Imperiex. The three heroes fight the villain but he unloads his consciousness into their minds and unifies their thoughts into their servants. Under his command the three moved to Zurich, where Imperiex defeats the military using the power of the trio. Fortunately Wonder Woman is released from mind control thanks to her Mother Box and does the same with Superman and Batman. Deeply annoyed by this intrusion, Imperiex destroys that artifact, unconsciously creating a portal that transports them to Pripyat, a city abandoned after the Chernobyl incident.

With the freedom of not fearing civilian casualties the heroes are ready to fight without limits against Imperiex. Superman unleashes all his power against his enemy but is easily repelled in each of his attempts. Kirk unexpectedly arrives at the battlefield armed with the last fragment of the Mother Box and nails it brutally in the center of the head of the enormous villain. Kirk again and again sinks the fragment as if it were a psychic fang that sucks all the energy stored in the mind of his rival. Unfortunately that bond between souls leads him to be devoured by the psyche of Imperiex, who plunges him forever in his terrible conscience. Nevertheless Wonder Woman intervenes to distract the villain while his companion continues draining the energy him with the fragment of the Mother Box. Before the lack of a greater distraction Superman intervenes and next to Wonder Woman they manage to give him a beating until finally the fragment is loaded of energy. Once that is achieved, Bekka introduces the fragment into his sword and the three take the weapon, channeling their minds and souls on the blade for a final attack in unison. The sword crosses Imperix, invading his psyche to destroy the walls of consciousness, reversing at the same time all the advances that Psycho was made in his physiognomy to be a God. Knowing that in a matter of minutes Alpert would return to be Imperix thanks to Formula Forever that still ran by its organism. Bekka cuts the villain's neck with a swift movement of his sword and Hernan incinerates the body with his vision of heat to prevent its possible regeneration. After the battle Superman and his two comrades meet with President Amanda Waller, and realizing that the world saw them as monsters, the three agreed to start working together to help humanity as the Justice League. Although cooperating closely with the government organization ARGUS


Brainiac was created as contingency plan set by Dr. Sivana to stop Superman. However Brainiac lost control of his immeasurable psychic powers, creating an energy dome around himself in Metropolis causing destruction across the city. The President prepared to release a small nuclear warhead to stop him, or Superman. Superman arrived and penetrated the dome and find Brainiac who his only small a child.He tried to reason with him about controlling his powers, Superman reluctantly killed Brainiac using his heat vision, visibly distant afterwards.

Vs. The Metal Men

The Justice League break up a group underneath the Kaznian Embassy using extreme violence. This lead to the Justice League's accountability being challenged by the world's governments. Later following the suspicious deaths of three renowned scientist one being killed by someone using a form of heat vision all suspicions fell on Superman and the Justice League. To help prove their innocents Superman invited Lois Lane to their HQ, where he told her of his goals to help humanity, and reveals how little he knows about Krypton or his heritage. They failed to stop another assassination of another group of scientists who had links to Lex Luthor. They save one Batman's friend Will Magnus who they take back to their tower. Superman flew to Luthor's orbital satellite. He revealed to Superman about "Project Fair Play" a weapon that could take out the Justice League if they went rogue. He also revealed the truth of his father General Zod which devastated Superman. However as he left Luthor was attacked and the satellite was destroyed. President Waller saw this believing it to be Superman and activated Project Fair Play. Superman and the JL faced the army, while Batman activated the HQ's force field. Magnus awoke and was revealed to be the mastermind with a plan to use nanobots to take control of the world. Luthor was revealed to be alive and teleported into the middle of the battle revealing the truth. The League battled the Metal Men, They manage to destroy the weapon at the cost of the Kryptonian escape ship. Realizing his lost Magnus disintegrating himself with nanites. The team asd cleared of all charges. Luthor now planned to explore the universe but before he left he gave Superman all the data on Krypton. Superman along with Batman then decide moving forward they save the world in a new way.

Powers and Abilities

Superman possesses the ability to fly under his own power, incredible strength and near invulnerability, as he can only be harmed by the element Kryptonite and energy from a red sun. His eyes can emit bursts of heat, while vision ranges from the microscopic to the telescopic. His vision is also capable of a broader spectrum than human eyes, able to see x-rays and radio waves. He can hear faint sounds among a bustle of noises by concentrating. His lungs are capable of holding air for long periods of time in environments without oxygen, and the ability to compress this air and exhale it in a freezing capacity.

For a more in-depth view on this range, see Superman's Powers and Abilities.


This is the second incarnation of a son of General Zod taking the mantle of Superman being the first Val-Zod of Earth 2. Its origin is similar to Lor-Zod of New Earth who was raised by Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

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