Superman Red Son

The cover to Superman: Red Son.

Superman: Red Son is an elseworlds story in which baby Kal-El landed in soviet Russia instead of in Smallville, Kansas.


Red Son

Superman saves Lois and a child's balloon.

Superman is raised in the Soviet Union and quickly becomes the icon and champion of his country, inspiring fear in the United States. They quickly hire scientist Lex Luthor to create their own Superman to counteract Russia's own Superman. Superman, meanwhile, makes his presence known in America, saving Luthor's wife, Lois Luthor and making an instant connection with her.

Luthor successfully makes his own imperfect Superman, and unleashes him. However this one is unstable, his X-Ray Vision releasing deadly radiation. He finally self-destructs.

Luthor also creates a number of other villains to send at Superman, none of which are successful.

Superman's personal computer system is Brainiac, who encourages him to take violent actions. When America releases a squad of Green Lanterns against Superman, Superman quickly defeats them by moving faster than the speed of thought.


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