Superman's Super Courtship

Superman's Super-Courtship! is a Supergirl comic story appearing in Action Comics #289. The story features several adventures to different locales and time periods, with Supergirl trying to find the perfect mate for her cousin.


After seeing a tragic romance movie with her parents, Supergirl becomes determined to find a mate for Superman, determining that his romances with Lois Lane and Lana Lang aren't going anywhere.

First, she goes to ancient Troy and arranges for Superman to meet her there. She tries to set him up with Helen of Troy, but fails when her own super-powers steal the show and all of Helen's admirers prefer Supergirl.

Next, she takes her cousin to the far future, where they meet the adult versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes. There, at a 31st Century Christmas party, Supergirl sets her cousin up with Saturn Woman, the grown-up Saturn Girl. Superman is quite taken with her and kisses her, but then finds out she's married to Lightning Man. Superman flees the awkward moment, returning to the past.

There, Supergirl explains her plan. Superman reveals that if he were to marry someone, it would be Supergirl, except that in Kryptonian culture, the marriage of cousins is unlawful.

Supergirl realizes Superman needs someone like her, and discovers a female superhero, who resembles Kara herself, on the planet Staryl. Her name is Luma Lynai, and when Superman meets her, the two fall instantly in love. He asks her to come back to Earth with him, but Earth's atmosphere is deadly to her. He returns her to Staryl, where she promises to always remember him.

Supergirl promises to not interfere in Superman's love life again, though she is sorely tempted to when she reads about Cleopatra in her history book.


  • Supergirl previously visited the future of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Three Super-Heroes!", in that story meeting the children of the original Legionnaires.