Superman's New Secret Identity is a comic story appearing in Action Comics Vol. 2, #11. It introduces Superman's new secret identity following the "death" of Clark in "Bulletproof".


Superman has ended his life as Clark Kent, and his new secret identity is a firefighter by the name of Johnny Clark. Meanwhile, a Metalek, an alien machine entity, attacks Metropolis and Superman defeats it, then helps the people rebuild.

Superman visits Batman to get advice on what to do about the secret identity problem, and mentions the space station -- formerly Brainiac's spaceship -- which he has inherited, which contains various alien cities and which is now his responsibility. He considers Brainiac's words regarding a "Multitude" which was coming to Earth, and wonders if Earth was headed for catastrophe and whether Brainiac was right to try and save the planet.

Meanwhile, Lois gives the hamsters to her niece, Susie Thompkins, who is a little girl with mysterious perception. When Lois takes the girl out to a movie, Adam appears and declares that Susie is a Neo-Sapien like him, and that she must come with him.