Supergirl Gets Adopted

Supergirl Gets Adopted! is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #264.


Returning to Midvale Orphanage after saving an airplane in distress, Miss Hart informs Supergirl (as Linda Lee) that a couple, the Wilkenses, has decided to adopt her. She can't dissuade them, and hesitantly she goes along with them.

Her new foster father, a police officer, keeps getting into trouble, and Supergirl dons a Superman disguise to save his life on a few occasions. Although Kara realizes she has to somehow get back to the orphanage, she becomes sorely tempted to begin living with a loving family.

However, they reveal that their biological daughter was killed by criminals who wanted revenge against the police officer. For this reason the Wilkenses decide to return Linda to the orphanage, saying that it isn't fair to her to put her in any danger. Her problem solved, Linda becomes genuinely tearful at the loss of foster parents she was coming to love.



  • The dilemma of trying to avoid being adopted while desperately wanting parents is a continuing theme in early Supergirl stories.
  • Supergirl previously got adopted temporarily in "Supergirl's Foster Parents". However, those parents turned out to be swindlers.