Supergirl's Greatest Challenge

Supergirl's Greatest Challenge! was a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #287.


Supergirl is summoned to the future by the Legion of Super-Heroes. There, she is updated on the situation: Positive Man, a massive monster constructed of positively charged ions that was once human, is destroying worlds full of people. To stop him, she finds the Negative Creature, and draws him to the Positive Man. The two are attracted magnetically, fuse together, and cancel each other out.

But when the Legionnaires return to Earth, they find they've lost their powers. Supergirl helps patrol Earth while they wait for the powers to return. However, the legionnaires are actually not themselves but Chameleon Men, who have replaced the true Legion. When Supergirl returns to the Legion clubhouse, they imprison her and Whizzy, the descendant of her cat Streaky, in the Phantom Zone.

From inside the Zone, Supergirl has Whizzy telepathically contact Lon Duryal, the head of a realistic android-producing factory and instructs him to make a robot Chameleon Man. The robot then infiltrates the Legion headquaters, where it releases Supergirl and Whizzy from the Phantom Zone. She then imprisons the Chameleon Men and revives the real legionnaires.




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