Supergirls Fortress of Solitude

Supergirl's Fortress of Solitude! is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #271.


One day, at Midvale Orphanage, Supergirl protects Streaky from getting bullied by a dog. Soon after, she decides to build her own Fortress of Solitude. She goes to the desert and begins her project out of junk material. She then goes to various other planets to get items to decorate it with. She also builds models commemorating things in her life.

Suddenly, Streaky streaks in through the wall. Supergirl shows him the playroom she made just for him with giant bouncy balls. As they head back to the orphanage, Streaky loses his powers.

Meanwhile, Professor Damon Brant and his archaeological team discover Supergirl's fortress. Brant erases his team's memories of the discovery but, when he returns to Midvale, he adopts Linda Lee. He then begins manipulating her into bringing him treasures. She soon catches on and begins to refuse, but he blackmails her by threatening to reveal her secret identity.

She travels through the time barrier to get even rarer items from the past for them. She then builds tham an emerald palace, having filled it with riches. She flies her foster parents there. But soon after, Streaky, having sniffed the X-Kryptonite, has his powers back and follows Supergirl to the palace. His X-Ray Vision, by a lucky coincidence, burns out the part of the Professor's brain that contains his recent memories and he forgets about Supergirl. Soon after, bandits attack the palace but are scared off by Supergirl's lifting of the palace.

After returning her parents home, she returns to the orphanage and has a touching reunion with Miss Hart. She then meets with Superman, tells him what happened, and destroys her own fortress.