Supergirls First Romance

Supergirl's First Romance! is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #269.


One day, at Midvale Orphanage, Linda Lee (Supergirl) is forced to rescue a falling child without changing to her Supergirl costume. Unfortunately Freddy Blake sees her and accuses her of being a Supergirl. She quickly explains that people can get faster and stronger with a sudden surge of adrenaline.

Soon after, Miss Hart leads the orphans on a fishing trip on a boat in the ocean, which Linda passes up. However, a storm overtakes the boat and the boat begins to sink. Supergirl, watching the action with her Telescopic X-Ray Vision, comes to the rescue as Supergirl. When she gets into the ocean, she receives a telepathic message from Lori Lemaris telling her to descend in order to rescue Atlantis.

Upon reaching Atlantis, she meets Lori, her husband Ronal, and a scientist's son named Jerro. Lori tells Supergirl that some ancient Atlantean weapons, long since outlawed, are stored in an undersea crypt, which a whale has just knocked over. Jerro takes her there.

She begins to dismantle the weapons, including a Freeze Ray and a Hypno-Robot. After she triumphs, Jerro telepathically calls her lovely. The two return to Lori and the others, for a celebration of Supergirl's success. Lori tells Supergirl to stay a while in Atlantis, while they arrange a pageant in her honor. Meanwhile, Jerro takes her on a tour of Atlantis. During the tour, Supergirl begins to admire Jerro.

When they return for the pageant, Jerro participates in a race. As Supergirl and Lori watch the race, Lori reveals that the prize for the winner is a trophy and a kiss from Supergirl. Supergirl agrees, and when Jerro wins, kisses him. Supergirl enjoys the kiss so much, she doesn't want to let go. She muses on her first kiss from a boy and that she must falling in love with Jerro.

Suddenly realizing that Atlanteans are telepathic and must have heard her thoughts, Supergirl abruptly leaves Atlantis in shame, despite Jerro begging her to stay.

Returning to the orphanage, Freddy again accuses her of being Supergirl. But she uses her super-powers to cover up the truth. She goes to bed, miserable in her thoughts about her romance with Jerro.