Supergirls Farewell to Earth

Supergirl's Farewell to Earth is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #258.


One day, when Supergirl saves two children from a falling tree near Midvale Orphanage, Krypto the Superdog appears, and sees Supergirl for the first time. He acts surprised, but she doesn't use her powers to cover up her secret identity. Instead, she begins to romp with the super-dog.

However, Superman gets angry at her for giving away her secret, even to Krypto, so he banishes her from the Earth. She lands on an asteroid, and spends the time like a "girl Robinson Crusoe". Watching Earth with her Telescopic Vision, she finds ways to deal with disasters without disobeying Superman's orders and returning to Earth.

After a week, she receives a letter from Superman telling her to return to Earth temporarily to avoid a cloud of Kryptonite meteors that's passing. She does, and reestablishes her position in Midvale Orphanage. Some reporters appear to interview her for her week-long disappearance. Among them is Clark Kent. Kara reveals her identity to him. She reveals the reason is that she's figured out his identity as Superman. He explains that the exile was just a trial to see if she could reestablish her secret identity after a week of absence. He further says he was intending to reveal his secret identity to her.



  • This is the first time Kara meets Krypto, the Superdog.
  • First time she learns of Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent.