Busiest Day

Supergirl's Busiest Day! is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #270.


One day, at Midvale Orphanage, Supergirl helps her friend and fellow orphan, Frank Cullen, get adopted by the famous golf player Vince Gordon, using her super powers.

Back at the orphanage, she shows the other kids a video of Superman's super deeds, while daydreaming about performing some of her own. Suddenly, she sees that Krypto is in trouble and has called for help from space. She flies to his rescue, saving him from a Kryptonite cage attached to an alien ship which is gathering various alien animal species. She soon finds a way to save Krypto and the two return to Earth.

On her way back, she gets a telepathic call for help from Lori Lemaris. Supergirl speeds to Atlantis, where she meets Lori, Ronal, and Jerro. They inform her that a criminal named Malo has escaped. Supergirl tries to help the Atlantean Protective Squad capture him, but has difficulty due to the Magic Trident which he's stolen. She soon finds a way to outwit Malo and defeat him. She leaves Atlantis, with Jerro asking her to come again soon.

But no sooner does she return to the Orphanage than she gets a call for help from Batman, who is trapped in a collapsing Batcave. After she saves Batman and Robin, she returns to the orphanage once more.

Superman, finally having returned from his mission in space, summons her to the Fortress of Solitude. She thinks at first that he's mad at her, but he gives her a gift and reveals that all of her rescues of the day were arranged by him, to give her some exciting adventures. The reason for this is that it's her sixteenth birthday. Soon after, Lori, Ronal, Jerro, Krypto, Batman and Robin all pop out, wishing her a happy birthday and giving gifts. She receives three giant pearls from the Atlanteans, a Batgirl costume from Batman and Robin, and a flower from Krypto.

Superman reveals that he built the spaceship that captured Krypto, and also that he was really Malo, and that he caused the earthquake in the Batcave. In the bottle city of Kandor, they've erected a "Happy Birthday Supergirl" sign.