Super Speed

Superman, a Kryptonian, running at Super-Speed.

Super Speed is the ability which grants Kryptonians and Daxamites, as well as other species, the ability to move, run, and fly a much greater speeds than a normal human. They are famously said to move "Faster than a speeding bullet", but most Kryptonians are able to move much faster than that. Superbeings often appear as a blur while moving at super speed, as normal human eyes aren't entirely able to perceive motions that are moving at a certain speed. Superman even earned the name of the Red-Blue Blur due to this effect, prior to taking the name of Superman. (Smallville, season 8)

All Kryptonians possess super-speed under a yellow sun, including Clark Kent. Super speed is one of the easiest Kryptonian powers to control; Clark Kent first displayed super speed at the age of 6 while playing tag (Smallville, season 1). The human Lana Lang also quickly mastered super-speed, after Clark's powers were transferred to her through electricity and kryptonite. Kryptonian super-speed can give out during solar flares.

Other aliens species can often super speed. Aliens known to display super speed are Martian Manhunter, Maxima, Bizarro, and the Kryptonian computer Brainiac.

In the Golden Age comics, Superman couldn't exceed 60 miles per hour, outrunning the fastest trains; however, as his career continued, his speed increased exponentially. This is presumably due to the continued effects of the Photonucleic Effect, that is, the effects of prolongued exposure to the Earth's yellow sun on his body.


Kryptonian Superspeed

Individuals with the form of Superspeed held by Kryptonians and Daxamites.

Speed Force

These speedsters draw their power from the Speed Force instead.