Created by Jack Kirby
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification New God
Affiliation Apokolips

Steppenwolf is the supreme commander of the military of Apokolips. He is a loyal follower of his nephew Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips


As one of the New Gods, Steppenwolf (which is German for "wolf of the steppe", or coyote) is the younger brother of Heggra, and the uncle of Darkseid. He is also a member of Darkseid's Elite. He leads the military of Apokolips and also rides a hover bike which may be at the same level of technology as Orion's.

Steppenwolf is one of the earliest survivors of Doomsday, the monster who once killed Superman. Two hundred and forty-five thousand years ago, Steppenwolf takes an Apokolips shuttle with Darkseid, Master Mayhem and a small crew to the planet of Bylan 5. The planet holds delicate natural materials Apokolips needs for weaponry, material which would be destroyed in the event of an invasion. The forcible marriage of Darkseid to the planet's princess comes to an end when Doomsday attacks. Master Mayhem is swiftly torn apart. Darkseid ignores Steppenwolf's orders to use Omega Beams and engages the creature in hand-to-hand combat. Steppenwolf sees the destruction wrought has doomed the planet and all who live on it. He teleports Darkseid out of harm's way, agreeing with Darkseid not to mention this to anyone. Doomsday escapes by stowing away on the Apokolips shuttle.

Steppenwolf helped Darkseid murder the wife of Darkseid's hated rival, Highfather. Highfather later tracked down and killed Steppenwolf in retaliation as the murder reignites the war between the two sides.

Steppenwolf appears later when Mister Miracle gains godlike powers over life and death. He torments Scott Free over his role in killing his mother (or alleged mother figure as is claimed) and in return is physically tortured. Scott ends up healing him, instead of killing him as he desires. He is sent with Darkseid's legions.

Though considered a "mockery", Steppenwolf is given the job of running Darkseid's military forces. He is later seen fighting The Flash and the Justice League .

In "Terror Titans #2", Steppenwolf appears as a member of the board of the Dark Side Club. He is killed by Clock King, who was using the Club for gladiator fights and simple cruel amusements.

The New 52

Steppenwolf leads a massive invasion of of Earth-2 with a army of parademons. Ultimately, Earth's heroes manage to successfully repel the invaders, but the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman of that world are all killed in battle.Five years later, Steppenwolf is apparently hiding on Earth-2 and there is a $300 million reward for him. He is eventually killed by that world's version of Bizarro, whom Steppenwolf had employed as a soldier and indoctrinated into fighting for Apokolips.

Steppenwolf took part in the torturing of Superman on the Prime Earth. Steppenwolf is seen as support for Darkseid when he moves to attack the Anti-Monitor.

Powers and abilities

  • New God Physiology: Steppenwolf is an immortal with superhuman strength, speed and stamina appropriate to his race. He is an experienced military leader, having served as the head of Apokolips's armed forces


  • He personally commands units of the dog cavalry - warriors riding enormous dogs, for the carnage and mass deaths he causes when he leads forces.
  • Steppenwolf wields several weapons, including a cable-snare in which he can entrap opponents and from which he can fire lethal radion beams.
  • His main weapon is his electro-axe. He is a master swordsman and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.