Irons Steel
Debut Adventures of Superman #500
(June 1993)
Created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove
Portrayed by see In other media
AKA John Henry Irons
Classification Human
Affiliation Team Superman
Relatives Natasha Irons
Abilities armored suit

Steel is a superhero and ally to Superman, and he shares Superman's "S" shield symbol and red cape. He has no superhuman abilities of his own, and instead has built himself a high-powered mechanized armor suit out of steel.

There have been two people who have held the mantle of Steel: John Henry Irons and Natasha Irons. There was also an earlier superhero named Steel, but he is not associated with the present Steel lineage or with Superman in any way.

John Henry Irons

Main Article: John Henry Irons

The first Steel is actually a man by the name of John Henry Irons, a weapons designer who was inspired by Superman and joined his battle for truth, justice and the american way. Steel first appeared during the Death of Superman storyline, and was one of four Supermen to take Superman's place before his return.

Steel has consistently reinvented himself over the years, at one point even gaining actual superpowers for a short period of time. Additionally, his niece, Natasha Irons, donned a new armor suit and became Steel after Irons had retired.

Natasha Irons

Main Article: Natasha Irons

Irons' niece, Natasha, adopted her own suit of armor, made partially from the technology present in the Entropy Aegis suit, which was built by Darkseid.

As steel, she could fire energy blasts, fly with jets, and grow to immense sizes. She has even successfully taken on Doomsday in the past.

She no longer wears the armor or calls herself Steel, as during the 52 storyline, John Henry took her armor away from her. She subsequently joined Lex Luthor's Everyman project, gaining temporary superpowers of her own.

In other media

Steel also appeared in episodes of Superman: The Animated Series (Voiced by Michael Dorn) and Justice League Unlimited (Voiced by Phil LaMarr).

A live-action movie was made starring Shaquile O'Neal as Steel. The movie contained no direct references to Superman, although in the movie John Henry had a tatoo of Superman's S shield (Which is an actual tatoo on Shaq's body).

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