Starwinds Howl is a novella by Elliot S! Maggin featuring Krypto. It tells the epic story of Krypto's journey from Krypton to Earth, from Krypto's perspective.

Story SummaryEdit

Krypto is adopted by Jor-El, as an experiment; meanwhile, some ancient history of Krypton is told. Jor-El brings Krypto home to Kal-El.

Jor-El then puts Krypto in an experimental rocket ship prior to the planet's destruction. After Krypton is destroyed, Krypto's ship survives and is picked up by aliens, who make him into a pet.

He shares adventures with the aliens, and meets other dogs from other planets aboard their ship. Unfortunately, during a mission into the Sol System, their ship is destroyed, and all of Krypto's friends are destroyed, however Krypto survives due to the Photonucleic Effect- or, the effect of a yellow sun on a Kryptonian body.

Krypto then explores the solar system and meets a young Superboy.


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