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Smallville Season 11 is a 2012 comic book series, a continuation of the television series Smallville. It follows Clark in his first years as Superman. Unlike traditional comics, Smallville Season 11 is offered primarily in an online format. A print edition is also sold, comprised of a few of the online issues.


The series is set six months after the final battle with Darkseid as seen in season 10. Clark has adopted his identity as Superman. Lex Luthor is trying to piece together his history after having lost his memory. Lois Lane continues to rise to pivotal prominence in her reporting career as star journalist for the Daily Planet while also balancing her life with Clark as an engaged couple. While Chloe Sullivan is preparing to start her life with Oliver Queen. Meanwhile, something new falls to Earth.


After the regular series ended, DC began a series of miniseries story arcs, all set under the Season 11 umbrella. Beginning with Alien and ending with Continuity.


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