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Smallville Visions

The cover of this one-time webcomic features the cast of Smallville and Stride Gum.

Smallville: Visions is a Smallville webcomic produced by the WB and Stride Gum, as a tie-in to the television series.

The outcome of the story was determined by votes amongst the fans.


A Meteor Freak from Clark's past comes back, asking for help.



Smallville Television Series
Seasons 12345678910
Webisodes Chloe ChroniclesSmallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton
Print Media NovelsComic Books (SmallvilleVisionsSeason 11 (AlienLantern) )
Characters Clark KentLana LangChloe SullivanPete RossWhitney FordmanLex LuthorLionel LuthorMartha and Jonathan KentLois LaneKara Zor-ElDavis BloomeOliver QueenJason Teague

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