The Fifth Season of the television series Smallville introduced a number of changes to the show. Brainiac was introduced, as Milton Fine; Clark meets more superheroes, and some Kryptonian villains.


Having arrived in the Arctic, with no knowledge of what to do next, Clark lets the Crystal of Knowledge do all the work. With the newly formed Fortress of Solitude, Clark begins the task of fulfilling his true destiny and stopping the coming evil with the help of Jor-El.

Two Kryptonian disciples of General Zod come to Smallville in search of Kal-El. Chloe Sullivan's mysterious disappearing act in the caves, and reappearance in a hospital in the Yukon, has Lex Luthor growing ever suspicious of Clark and his secret. Clark meets one of his college professors, Professor Fine, who has a few secrets of his own. Aquaman and Cyborg stop by Smallville, and Chloe gets a job at the Daily Planet, starting at the bottom. Clark becomes human, so he and Lana take the next step in their relationship. Jonathan Kent and Lex both run for State Senator. Clark moves increasingly closer to the man he will one day become, and a surprising death strikes Smallville.

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