Smallville Season 1 Poster

A poster for Smallville's First Season. It shows Clark, tied to a post against his will with an S painted on his chest, as is a teenage tradition in Smallville.

The First Season of Smallville is the original season of the TV series Smallville.

This season introduces the cast and their situation; the main storyline involves Clark Kent getting to know his powers, as well as trying to come to terms with his feelings.


A meteor shower brings a young boy to Smallville, Kansas. At the age of fourteen, he already exhibits invulnerability, super strength and super speed. Season One tells the stories from his first year in high school. Almost every week, he battles a new villain with super powers bestowed from exposure to the meteors. Clark also negotiates his friendships with Lana, Lex, Pete and Chloe. Lex has come to Smallville to manage the fertilizer plant. He is curious about Clark and the meteor shower, but his investigations threaten to expose Clark.

Season One chronicles the events of Clark and his friend's Freshman Year at Smallville High School.

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