Sergeant Healy
Debut The Adventures of Superman
Portrayed by Jackson Beck (radio)
Russell Custer (TV)
AKA Officer Healy
Classification human
Affiliation Metropolis Police Department

Sergeant Healy is Inspector Henderson's assistant on The Adventures of Superman. Healy frequently accompanies the inspector or informs other characters that they're wanted for questioning. He performs standard tasks such as tracing phone calls, taking finger prints, or running background checks. Though only a peripheral character, he appeared quite frequently over the radio show's run.

Sergeant Healy's most substantial appearance on the series was in one of the shorter serials, the nine part "The Skin Game" (April 2-14, 1948). Inspector Henderson is absent, and Sergeant Healy heads the investigation into the shooting of Jimmy Olsen, as well as threats against two black athletes. Healy initially scoffs at Clark Kent's suspicions but ultimately proves crucial in identifying and arresting the murderous bigots.

On rare occasions, Healy has been referred to as "Officer Healy," but for the most part his rank is sergeant (and usually implied to be a detective sergeant, rather than a uniformed officer).

In other mediaEdit

Sergeant Healy appeared in at least one episode of TV's Adventures of Superman, in the second season entry "The Man Who Could Read Minds."