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Secret Keepers in this case refers to friends and allies of Superman to whom he has entrusted the secret of his true identity.

Known Secret-Keepers

Superpowerful Allies

Superman often feels comfortable revealing his true identity to his fellow superheroes. Among those who know are:

Human Allies

Superman very rarely reveals his identity to non-superpowered humans, even to his closest friends. There have been some exceptions to this rule, and some have found out on their own.

  • Chloe Sullivan discovered his secret in the television series Smallville, and has since become a sidekick of sorts.
  • Lana Lang knew his secret by the time he left for Metropolis. In many versions of the mythos, he revealed it to her while they were going out.
  • Pete Ross was Clark's first confidant and secret-keeper in the TV series Smallville. In the modern age comics, he didn't find out until much later.
  • Superman revealed his secret to Lois Lane when he proposed marriage to her.
  • President John F. Kennedy befriended Superman, who revealed his secret identity to him. This occurred in the Silver-Age Comics.

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