Debut radio series
Created by George Ludlam
Portrayed by various (radio); Robert Barron (serial); Herbert Rawlinson (TV)
AKA Ro-Zon; Ro-zan
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Kryptonian Council

Rozan was the president of the Kryptonian Council prior to the planet's destruction. While aware of the environmental changes to Krypton, he feels that Jor-El's calculations must be incorrect. He leads the council in their vote against Jor-El's proposal to build a vessel to transport the populace to another planet.

The character originated on the radio series The Adventures of Superman, where he appeared in the 1939 audition recording (played by Julian Noa) as well as the first episode from Feb. 12, 1940 (played by Jay Josten), both titled "The Baby from Krypton." When Jor-El warns of the impending doom, he somewhat facetiously responds that "If Krypton is to die, we shall die with it. The parting would be too severe," to laughter from the council. He also featured in later episodes which recapped Superman's origin, such as "The Meteor from Krypton" (Sept. 25, 1945), with Edwin Jerome as Rozan.

The character would re-appear in the 1942 novel The Adventures of Superman (where the name was spelled "Ro-zan"), the 1948 Superman serial, and the first epsiode episode of the TV series. In the latter, Rozan has specifically tasked Jor-El with investigating the atmospheric disturbances on Krypton, and is specifically addressed as "president" of the council. As in all other appearances, however, he rejects Jor-El's prediction of doom as well as his solution.

Continuity speculationEdit

He was probably the head of new council, after the old one was taken by Brainiac. It is unknown what his temporal relationship is with Tyr-Us, who was also shown to be the head of the new council.