Ron Troupe
Debut Adventures of Superman #480
(July 1991)
Created by Jerry Ordway and Tom Grummett
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Classification Human
Affiliation The Daily Planet
Relatives Lucy Lane (wife), Sam Troupe (son)

Ronald Troupe, just known as "Ron Troupe" is a reporter for the Daily Planet. Troupe is one of the Planet's more level-headed reporters, and not likely to get into situations he cannot get out of (compared to Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen), although he is still prepared to run risks in pursuit of a story. He has twice taken on the racist supervillain Bloodsport II.

During events following the selling of Daily Planet to LexCorp, Ron Troupe and Lois Lane's sister, Lucy Lane, were having an affair. In current Superman comics, he is married to Lucy, and they have a son, Samuel Troupe, named after her father, Sam Lane. Since the events of Infinite Crisis, Ron and Lucy's relationship has not been explored. Lucy now works in Washington, D.C. for the military and Ron is still in Metropolis; the canonical status of their relationship appears to remain untouched following the events of the Infinite Crisis as Ron appeared in a flashback at Sam Lane's funeral, but the events that drove Ron and Lucy apart are unrevealed. According to Action Comics Annual #11 (May 2008), Ron Troupe is the most highly educated reporter on staff at the Daily Planet, and has won more awards than anyone else at the paper. It is also stated that he is known for his political editorials, he is an avid activist in too many groups to list, and he often butts heads with Daily Planet sports editor Steve Lombard on nearly everything.


  • Has a B.A. in journalism from Howard University
  • Interned at the Washington Post for three years

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