Return to Krypton
April 2001 — April 2001
Return to Krypton
Writers Jeph Loeb, Joe Casey, Mark Schultz, Joe Kelly
Artists Ed McGuinness, Duncan Rouleau, Doug Manke, Kano
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Return to Krypton II

Return to Krypton is a 2000s story arc, redefining the nature of Krypton. In the story, Superman begins to suspect that the version of Krypton he knows is not correct, and that the pre-crisis version may be the true Krypton.

It was later revealed in a follow-up story, however, that this was Krypton as it had existed thousands of years prior to its destruction. This era was Jor-El's favorite time period, as it may explain why Jor-El favors Krypton's less-sterilized, more emotional days.

The storyline reintroduced Krypto, as the dog followed Superman and Lois Lane back to Earth through a portal.

Superman #167

  • Date: April 2001
  • Written by Jeph Loeb
  • Pencils: Ed McGuinness
  • Inks: Cam Smith
  • Colors: Tanya & Rich Horie
  • Cover by Paul Rivoche

Adventures of Superman #589

  • Date: April 2001
  • Written by Joe Casey
  • Pencils: Duncan Rouleau
  • Inks: Jaime Mendoza & Marlo Alquiza
  • Colors: Wildstorm F/X
  • Cover by Paul Rivoche

Man of Steel #111

  • Date: April 2001
  • Written by Mark Schultz
  • Pencils: Doug Manke
  • Inks: Tom Nguyen
  • Colors: Wildstorm FX
  • Cover by Paul Rivoche

Action Comics #776

  • Date: April 2001
  • Written by Joe Kelly
  • Pencils: Kano
  • Inks: Marlo Alquiza
  • Colors: Rob Ro
  • Cover by Paul Rivoche