Debut Supergirl Vol 6 #5

(March, 2012)

Created by Otto Binder and George Papp
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Worldkiller
Relatives Zor-El (Creator)
Abilities Standard Kryptonian

Reign is a Worldkiller, a biological weapon created on Krypton but eventually outlawed by the Kryptonian Council.


Reign and other four Worldkillers were created by Zor-El, who later came to regret his part in the creation of those blood-thirsty, super-powerful monsters. Reign and her partners survived Krypton, but her origin remained a mystery even to her. All she knew about herself is her name and her being Worldkiller, and Krypton and Earth hold the answers to her origin.

When she tried to get to Krypton she found out that it was dead. However, Reign found Supergirl and followed her back to the remains of Argo City, hoping to find anything about their origin. Reign faced and beat Supergirl down, but Kara Zor-El couldn't provide any answers, so Reign left Supergirl for dead and headed back to Earth to conquer the planet.

Her rampage through New York City was stopped by Supergirl's return to Earth. Reign thought Supergirl would join her, but the young Kryptonian refused to. Reign and three of her Worldkillers partners fought an exhausted Supergirl, but the young hero managed to hurt one of them. Unwilling to take the risk to lose one of her soldiers, Reign opted to retreat and leave Earth, vowing she'd fight Supergirl again, and warning that she and her three partners aren't the only Worldkillers.

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