Debut Smallville, Season 6, Episode 1 (2006)
Created by Steven S. DeKnight
Portrayed by Pascale Hutton
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation House of El
Abilities Standard Kryptonian

Raya was a Kryptonian assistant of Jor-El, and met Clark Kent when he was banished to the Phantom Zone by Zod. Thus far, she has only appeared in several episodes of the television series Smallville.


When Krypton was about to be destroyed, Jor-El sent Raya into the Phantom Zone while he and Lara tried to find a way to stop it, and gave her the House of El crystal to ward off the phantoms of the Phantom Zone.

After she saved Clark from the phantoms, Raya took him to her encampment where she interrogated him and discovered that he was Kal-El. She told Clark about Krypton and the Phantom Zone gateway. Before he left, Raya gave Clark the El Crystal to help him to stop Zod, and helped him escape the Phantom Zone while killing Nam-Ek. Unfortunately, Raya was left behind, and stabbed by Aethyr.

Sometime later, satellite images from Queen Industries showed that Raya had emerged from the Phantom Zone and landed somewhere in Australia. Later, she went to find Clark at the Kent Farm; they became close friends. Clark showed Raya Smallville, as they super-sped around the town, and she seemed genuinely impressed by Earth.

Raya explained the true reasons of Clark being on Earth and why he must continue his training with Jor-El. They were then confronted by the zoner Baern, who had possessed a human teenager named Lamar, and battled him. Raya told Clark that they had to retrieve the Kryptonian Black Box from Lex Luthor, otherwise Baern would become powerful enough to kill them both.

Clark took Raya to the Fortress of Solitude where they made attempts to fix it. Tragically, Raya was killed by Baern, after Clark finally found someone he could relate to the most. It is unknown what happened to Raya's body, but Clark most likely buried it in the snow.

Powers and Abilities (Demonstrated)

Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Healing Factor