Paul Dexter was a kid in Midvale Orphanage in 1960, and also the owner of Streaky the Supercat. He was apparently not aware the first time his cat gained super-powers via X-Kryptonite, but nevertheless fantasized about Streaky gaining powers like Superman's. ("Supergirl's Super Pet!", "The World's Mightiest Cat!")

When Superman and Krypto the Superdog performed at Midvale Orphanage, Paul tied one of Superman's free souvenir miniature capes onto Streaky. Soon after, the cat exposed himself to X-Kryptonite again, restoring his temporary powers. When he began performing super feats, Paul tried to prove this to his friends, but failed for various reasons. He almost turned off a potential adopter with what appeared to be lies about his cat. ("The World's Mightiest Cat!")